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SD-WAN and Built-In Security: A New Way to Network

If you’re about to join the ever-growing number of enterprises that are shaving millions of dollars off their bandwidth connectivity costs with software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) and you want an extra layer of virtually hack-proof security, know that your challenge will be finding a robust SD-WAN solution that can support a strong suite of security software.  That’s where we can help.

Omega TeleServe: Proven Experience

We were early to the SD-WAN marketplace and have installed and managed nearly 550 endpoints for clients in the healthcare, insurance, and retail industries.  We’ve discovered first-hand the difference between marketing claims of “no-touch installation” and the on-the-ground challenges of bringing an SD-WAN network online.  We’ve also seen first-hand the limitations of the built-in security features in most SD-WAN offerings. They are not sufficient to block incidents like the SWIFT heist in February, the Equifax debacle, nor the increasingly sophisticated ransomware and malware attacks. Our security suite is sufficient. 

Omega TeleServe: Providing Peace of Mind

Our customers are not only looking for SD-WAN's speed, flexibility and affordability, they want security as well. So we sought out and secured an alliance with CybX Security Systems that allows us to package their suite of virtually hack-proof Internet security technologies with our SD-WAN offering in one rack-mounted appliance.

The telecommunications environment is constantly changing.

SD-WAN is severely disrupting the traditional business telecom marketplace, while sophisticated hackers are making the communications highways increasingly dangerous. With our deep experience and our supplier relationships, we can help your IT staff keep abreast of the latest SD-WAN technology and the best and newest security solutions. We know the questions that need to be asked and answered about your sites, your current network configuration, your advanced routing requirements, your security needs and the status of your current connectivity solution.

Omega TeleServe: A Single Point of Contact for all Your Telecommunications Needs

In addition to our expertise with security and SD-WAN, Omega TeleServe can connect you to an extensive range of IT and telecommunication expertise, including local and long distance services; Internet access; traditional networking technologies built on the backbone of the world’s leading providers; cloud computing and VoIP; and mobility solutions.



We can help you transition your network from traditional MPLS to SD-WAN to take advantage of affordable Internet connections where ever your offices are located.



Our virtually hack-proof security suite from CybX prevents malware from attacking your network



We can help you leverage cloud-based services and VoIP to take advantage of your growing or fluctuating bandwidth demands.



Our help desk is operational 24/7/365 and we have technicians on call to provide on-site support when and where needed.

Providing SD-WAN and Security in One Appliance

Omega TeleServe

Unlike other SD-WAN/Cybersecurity offerings, Omega’s solution combines—in one rack-mountable appliance—the agility and affordability of SD-WAN with a proprietary suite of virtually hack-proof Internet security technologies that totally isolate an enterprise network from a direct Internet connection.


Our Model

We have partnered with CybX Security Solutions and several leading SD-WAN manufacturers to provide clients with a SD-WAN/Cybersecurity solution.

And if you also need voice, television, cellular, remote and wireless office set-up, we have the experience to provide you the best possible service and support.

We also provide a 24/7, US based NOC operations to provide support wherever and whenever you need it.

Tailor-Made Telecom Solutions

We’ll get to know your organization, your short and long term goals and develop an understanding of your business needs and preferences. We have access to promotions and incentives through our partnerships with a wide array of providers, which gives us a broader understanding of next generation technology.

We bring that knowledge to bear in crafting solutions for your organization.

What Clients are Saying

Not only did Omega TeleServe execute a flawless and on-time installation of the new data center, they were there in the subsequent weeks to troubleshoot any problems as we brought more of our branches online.

Dana Swindell

First National Trenton Bank

With Omega TeleServe on my side, I know things are going to happen quickly. They know the people to call so my problems go to the head of the line

Justin Dehart

Coastal Commerce Bank

Omega TeleServe is so in tune with the particular needs of my company that I know things will get done and done well. More importantly, if there are any issues that materialize after the installation, they respond in minutes, not days.

Dana Swindell

First National Trenton Bank

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