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SD-WAN helps radiology firm cut costs, scale bandwidth

Funaro believed that by re-architecting the network and using SD-WAN, he could give his users a better experience with applications. By replacing the expensive MPLS connections, he could use the money saved to get better bandwidth for applications for SaaS applications, while using SD-WAN to reduce latency on WAN traffic. SD-WAN provides dynamic connectivity optimization and path selection, through a policy-driven, centrally managed, distributed network architecture.

SD-WAN helps radiology firm cut costs, scale bandwidth

Zwanger-Pesiri Radiology’s journey from MPLS to SD-WAN networking began last spring when Joseph Funaro sat down to review carrier contracts that were up for renewal and realized that he could not only save his company money, but also improve network resiliency and his users’ application experience. With 24 outpatient […]

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